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  • Sneaker Fetish – sneaker fetish only. safe for sneakerheads of all orientations
  • TN and NZ – a special purpose blog, sort of an experiment into the numerous ways Nike Air Max Plus (TN) and Nike Shox NZ are featured on Tumblr
  • Air Max 90 – a special purpose blog featuring the Air Max 90 style
  • Cum Sneaks – sneakers and boots that have been used sexually. mostly tasteful images.



  • Bound Boys – guys bound in rope, chain or other form. Focus is as much on the guys as the bondage.
  • Locked Men – guys locked in chastity.
  • Joy of Submission – a personal blog containing images that I find particularly powerful related to submission
  • Prison Bitch – guys in cuffs. some being arrested, some in prison.


  • Playin’ With The Boys – Ever seen the volleyball scene in Top Gun? Well, that’s definitely the inspiration for this blog.
  • Sk8r/Sagger – skater guys, skater gear, sagging, some punks

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